VIVO [Voice-In/Voice-Out]:
The Coming Age of Talking Computers

book_vivo_coverIntroduction    IX

Prologue: No Words on Their Cereal Box: A Day in the Life of a 21st Century Oral-Culture Family    1

Part I: The End of Writing, Reading, and Written Language/Text    13

1. Last Writes: Previewing the Reasons Why Written Language/Text Will Become Obsolete by 2050    15

2. Grammar-Check, Spell-Check, Speak-Check, Listen-Check: The Technological Reasons for an Oral Culture by 2050-[1]    33

3. (Ear)Wax Makes History: The Technological Reasons for an Oral Culture by 2050-[2]    57

4. Recovering from Scriptitis: The Evolutionary Reasons for an Oral Culture by 2050    69

Part II: Recreating an Oral Culture    89

5. VIVOlutionary Learning: Next Step in Re/Storing Education and Human Consciousness    91

6. Just Thinking Out Loud: Searching for Information Using Sound and Image but No Text    111

7. Written Numerals, Your Number’s Up! And VIVO’s Got Your Number!    125

8. How I Un(w)rote the Notes: Retooling the Arts to Fit an Oral Culture    139

9. Rereading that Middle Passage: Saying Goodbye to “Standard” Written Languages as Tools of Cultural Domination    151

10. Growing Oral Cultures in the VIVO Lab: Examining the Prospects for a Worldwide Oral Culture    171

Epilogue: Frequently Asked Questions with Answers    189

About the Author    197

Bibliography Works Cited    201

Index    205